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Without the the amazing landscape, thriving wildlife and diverse plants that surround our farm, we wouldn't have a business.

This is one of the countless reasons that we prioritise protecting our environment and make every effort possible to make changes that create a positive impact on the world around us.

Because of this ethos, we ask all of our guests to make a small effort to assist us by sorting waste for recycling and be conscientious with water use. Below you can find details about the steps we've taken to ensure that our glamping site is as environmentally friendly as possible in order to provide you with the ultimate nature experience.


Ecover: You will notice that all of the cleaning products that we supply are Ecover. We chose this brand because they use phosphate-free, plant-based ingredients meaning that there are no nasty chemicals that could pollute our waterways. Ecover are 'always on a mission to prove that you can save the planet and still deliver a damn good clean'. They also make it easy to refill their products, meaning that we reduce our waste by topping up each bottle after every stay.

Bramley: The divine handwash and bodywash that are in each kitchen and bathroom are supplied by a company based just 15 minutes away from the farm. Bramley uses natural ingredients and their products contain no harmful or unethical chemicals. We are committed to reducing our waste, therefore we do not supply miniatures, instead we refill the bottles after each stay.

Who gives a Crap: The brain-child of three men in Australia, this amazing company was launched through a crowdfunding campaign in 2012. Their loo roll (and kitchen towel) is either recycled or made from bamboo, making it 'forest friendly' and on top of that, 50% of all profits go towards building toilets and improving sanitation in the developing world.

Cleaning: Our change-over team are dedicated to using sustainable products when each tent is cleaned. No harsh chemicals are introduced during the cleaning process as only eco-friendly supplies are used.

Waste: We kindly ask that all of our guests make every effort to sort the rubbish for recycling. We supply recycling bins to make the process simple. We understand that recycling is different in every county, so you can download information about how to sort your rubbish here

Power: We love solar panels! The farm has a solar bank on top of the indoor riding arena. Although this supply does not currently support the entire farm, we are looking at expanding our green energy supplies to become self-sustainable.

You will notice that the only power supply in each tent comes in the form of a USB socket and the lights are low-energy. This means that the tents themselves require very little electricity at all.

The Log Store Group: You can heat your tent by lighting a fire in our little wood-burners. The logs that we supply are from a family-run company based in Dorset. They use sustainable local sources for all of their logs and reuse their delivery sacks.

The Farm: You may notice on your walks through the woods piles of old logs, felled trees and bundles of sticks in the river. These are all measures that we are taking to encourage a high level of biodiversity within our small patch of land. We believe in protecting our local wildlife so are using traditional rural methods to manage the land and waterways. If you are interested in the projects taking place, please don't hesitate to ask questions!

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